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 Navigating Contentious Terrains in Mali

by Madhuvanti G. Mukherjee Introduction The African Union (AU) and other regional governing organizations, such as the Economic Community of ...

Military Coups and The Question of Governance in Africa

Preamble The recent spate of military coups in Africa has again brought the lingering question of governance into fresh perspectives ...

Trauma in the Byline: Normative Practices and Precarity among Crime Reporters in Nigeria

WATJCentre Distinguished Personality Lecture Series Speaker: Prof. Jendele Hungbo, Professor of Journalism and Media, KolaDaisi University, Nigeria Moderator: Hauwa Shaffi ...

Prof. Jendele Hungbo

Jendele Hungbo is Professor of Journalism and Media Studies at KolaDaisi University, Ibadan. He is also a Research Associate with ...

Sudan’s Political Crises and the Evacuation Dynamics of Civilians in Conflict Contexts

Preamble The eruption of violence on April 15, 2023, in Sudan between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the Rapid ...

African Revolution and Reparative Justice in the 21st Century

WATJCentre Distinguished Personality Lecture Series Speaker: Prof. Horace G Campbell, Professor of African American Studies and Political Science, Syracuse University Moderator: ...

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