About Us

The West African Transitional Justice Centre (WATJCentre) is a non-for-profit organisation established in 2020 with its headquarters in Abuja Nigeria. WATJCentre was primarily established as a centre for research and programming on transitional justice within the West Africa corridor, with the aim to influence policy and learning on the African Continent and globally. The organisation is designed to proffer technical solutions to governments in the region regarding the design and implementation of transitional justice mechanisms to influence good governance and sustainable development in the region.

WATJCentre is focused on creating a foundational drive for the study of transitional justice in Africa by creating and updating a teaching curriculum for relevant institutions of learning with the aim of developing future academics and practitioners of transitional justice. The centre designs specialized training for different stakeholders in the field of transitional justice to include diplomats, government officials, academics, media practitioners, civil society actors, students and others. Following the adoption of the African Union Transitional Justice Policy (AUTJP), the organisation embarks on advocacy to ensure its domestication by governments within the West African Region and the Continent at large.



Our vision is to become and remain the leading organisation on research, training and practice of transitional justice on the African Continent. We aspire to be the hub for a network of committed academics and practitioners advancing the cause of transitional justice towards the enshrinement of social justice and transformation in West Africa and globally.


Our mission is to provide quality technical support through research, training and programming to relevant stakeholders in the field of transitional justice in West Africa and globally. We are committed to ensuring the successful completion of transitioning programmes in Africa by providing context-based resources to inform policy on governance and transitional justice geared to enshrining social justice and transformation


To develop and update the curriculum for teaching transitional justice in Africa;

To train and mentor emerging practitioners on the context-based methodology for the implementation of transitional justice in West Africa;

To give technical support to stakeholders transitional justice initiatives in Africa;

To support the domestication and legitimacy of the African Union Transitional Justice Policy (AUTJP).


Our Core Values include:

We are committed to ensuring fair, equal and just treatments in all our dealings to create a viable environment for social transformation.

We shall ensure responsiveness to all our stakeholders irrespective of social, religious, class and/or gender affiliations.

We will ensure that our engagements are carried out with transparency and accountability in order to sustain the legitimacy of our interventions.

We shall be courteous and diligent as requisite for carrying out our interventions to the best of our abilities. Our teams shall be comprised of qualified individuals who are willing to commit to maintaining our standards within the vision of becoming the leading organisation in the field of transitional justice.