Bibliography of Transitional Justice

This is a Collation of relevant Publications on Transitional Justice.

Transitional Justice in Ghana: An appraisal of the National Reconciliation Commission

Marian Yankson-Mensah examines Ghana’s National Reconciliation Commission which was deployed within a framework of blanket amnesty for perpetrators. She explores the human rights violations in Ghana between 1957&1993, as well as the reconciliation commission’s composition, mandate, procedures and fallout in giving a comprehensive account of the Ghanaian experience of transitional justice

Advocating Transitional Justice in Africa

This 2018 volume edited by Jasmina Brankovic and Hugo van der Merwe  explores the intersections of civil society activism and the practice of transitional justice in Africa. It draws examples from different regions with focus on the transitional justice components of truth commissions, reparations, prosecution and lobbying. This is a good resource material for development …

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Transitional Justice in Africa: The case of Zimbabwe

In this text, Ruth Murambadoro speaks to the intersections of transitional justice and political violence by situating it within the Zimbabwean context, though drawing on examples from Uganda, Rwanda and Mozambique. It explores how national politics affect basic relations in communities and is highly recommended for scholars, students and practitioners interested in understanding the local …

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Transitional Justice

Ruti Teitel’s Transitional Justice is a reference material for contemporary understanding of transitional justice. It has a historical depth that embraces a comparative approach establishing the law as a dynamic enabler of change driven by the collective that endorses multiple judicial mechanisms. She examines the Nuremberg trials as an example of criminal justice legacy; and …

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Anger and Forgiveness

Martha Nussbam’s ‘Anger and Forgiveness’ reflects an important component of transitional justice processes through the framework of the transactional. Insecurity from threats to status remains a major underlying cause of anger, distracting the focus from the wrong act to the subject of anger. Trust, as one central theme of the text, is theorized within the …

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Transitional Justice in Comparative Perspective

This edited volume on transitional justice touches on the importance of context in making transitional justice interventions. It broadly explores the need for systemic/structural changes as precondition s for enabling successes for transitional justice initiatives globally. This entails both the sociocultural, in terms of attitudinal changes of individuals; as well as the institutional changes to …

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