Dr King Omeihe

Dr. Kingsley Omeihe is currently an Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Management Practice at the University of Aberdeen. He is the co-founder and Chair of African Studies at the British Academy of Management (BAM). He also serves as Chair of the Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups at the Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE).

His research interest in economic sociology examines the role of networks and norms in the emergence of economic institutions and organisations. He is working on an ongoing study of endogenous institutional change focusing on networks and norms of entrepreneurs in West African firms. This includes examining the reflexive basis of reputation in multiplex networks, identifying the sources of trust in low-trust societies, examining networks and their sources of cooperation.

Dr.Kingsley received his PhD from the University of the West of Scotland with a major in entrepreneurship/small business management and development economics. He received his MBA from the University of Aberdeen, his diploma in Development Studies from the University of Cambridge and his BSc in Economics from the Lagos State University.

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