Maxwell Boamah Amofa

Maxwell Boamah Amofa is a dedicated and experienced legal and political professional with  profound passion for international relations, law, peace studies, human rights, and conflict  resolution. His interest is in the Law of Armed Conflicts particularly how to strategically employ International humanitarian law and human rights principles to mitigate armed  hostilities, particularly in the volatile G5 Sahel region. Having worked with UNICEF Frankfurt (Oder),Germany, Libereco Partnership for Human  Rights in Berlin, Germany, and the Rent Control Department of the Ministry of Works and  Housing in Ghana, he possesses firsthand experience in addressing human rights violations, and  dispute resolution. 

Maxwell’s academic background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Political Studies from  KNUST, Ghana, and further studies in Jurisprudence at the HSE university, Moscow, Russia specializing in comparative public law of states on human rights and national security. Currently, he is pursuing a Master’s degree in International Human Rights and Humanitarian  Law alongside a diploma in Peace and Conflict Studies at the European University in Frankfurt  Oder, Germany, as he continuously seeks to expand his political and legal knowledge. He is fluent in English, Russian, Twi and Fanti.  He also has basic knowledge of French and German. Maxwell has undertaken diploma courses in the Principle  of Use of Force in International Law by the Open University based in the United Kingdom,  Transitional Justice and Human Rights by the Council of Europe based in Strasbourg, France,  and International Cooperation in Criminal Matters. 

He has participated in guided sessions at prestigious institutions like the European  Parliament in France, International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court, both in  the Hague, Netherlands. Additionally, he has attended conferences including  the International Humanitarian Law Red Clinic Advancement Conference in the Netherlands,  Current Challenges of the EctHR Landmark cases by judge Armen Harutyunyan of the  European Court of Human Rights, among others.

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