Zoe Nneka Ejiofor

Zoe Ejiofor is a recent first-class graduate of law from the University of Manchester, Class of 2021. She has a broad interest across a wide variety of subjects, legal and non-legal in nature, but has specific interests in healthcare law and tax law. During her undergraduate degree she undertook pro-bono work as a Student Advisor for her university’s Legal Advice Centre, which involved her providing legal advice on a variety of matters to members of the public with real legal issues. She was also actively involved in the social welfare of the students, through her role as a Student Support Worker, which required her to provide specialist support to students with physical and / or mental disabilities.

Being a Nigerian in the diaspora, Zoe has a strong desire to enhance her understanding of her roots and has actively sought this. She has, thus, served as a committee member (Vice-President) for the Nigerian Students’ Society (NSS) during her second year at university. As part of the committee, she hosted several events focused on spreading information about Nigeria. She was part of the Myth Busting event where she delivered a presentation and answered questions to help burst certain myths about Nigeria. She will commence her postgraduate studies at the University of Manchester for a master’s degree in Law, in September 2021.

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