Prof Tim Murithi

Professor Tim Murithi is Head of the Peacebuilding Interventions Programme at the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation in Cape Town, and Extraordinary Professor of African Studies, at the Centre for African and Gender Studies, University of the Free State, in South Africa. He is an Honorary Research Associate, Institute for Democracy, Citizenship and Public Policy in Africa, University of Cape Town. He about three decades of experience in the fields of peace, security, international justice, governance and development.

He is a Member of the Tana High-Level Forum on Security in Africa Technical Committee. He is an Advisory Board Member of the African Union Leadership Academy (AULA); Centre for Mediation, University of Pretoria; and Cape Town Holocaust and Genocide Centre. He was also formerly a Research Fellow with the African Gender Institute, University of Cape Town. From 1995 to 1998, he taught at the Department for International Relations, Keele University, UK, where he also obtained his PhD in International Relations, in 1999. He is on the international advisory boards of the Journal of Peacebuilding and Development, African Journal of Conflict Resolution (ACCORD), African Peace and Conflict Journal (UPEACE), Journal of African Union Studies, and Peacebuilding. He has authored and edited over 11 books and has written over 100 journal articles, book chapters and policy papers.

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